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I apologize for not getting back to those of you who sent me "notes" sooner... I had neglected this account for a bit, but I will start answering the notes as free time allows... THANK Y'alls very very much! (:

... thank you very very very much for supporting "Artist Alley" (AND thank you very much for the better chairs 'cause the old ones were Inquisition-style-torture devices!!!) .... the MASSIVE success of SDCC has made it super-mainstream and with all the good comes the (inevitable) bad ... BUT without the Artists working with simple paper and pencil (or it's digital twin) there would be no gazillion dollar franchises paying for gazillion dollar booths.

So thank you DA!!! "Artist Alley" is STILL and will always be SDCC's beating-heart! :)


Carlos D'

p.s. ... oh yeah! the big screens are pretty cool too!!!

Ok, so I FINALLY finished ME3!!!

Right when the game came out, I was smack in the middle of JLA deadlines, so as painful as it was, I had to keep the game in the wrapper and WAIT!…. then I started to see rumblings online of discontent (and some just plain ANGRY) regarding the end… I avoided reading any of them until I could see the ending for myself……

I'm a pretty damn big Mass Effect fan (probably my favorite game... ever), so my own expectations were unrealistically high for the third game, and if I may say so; BIOWARE surpassed (with flying colors!!!) 99.9% of them, and did so in a beautiful, emotional, and existential way…. the last .01% was… an "odd" choice, but nothing that (to me) detracted from how amazing a journey the games were.

I understand where the gripes are coming from regarding the epilogue or ending (whatever you wanna call it), and yeah, I do agree that it ended rather "abruptly" for characters we've been caring for for the last 150+ hours, and also the 'choices' at the end; why bother if they're so similar? ….. BUT as far as storytelling is concerned, I have a hard time thinking of any other movie or game in a loooooong long time that had anywhere near the depth, complexity and emotion that ME3 had… The topics that were being "discussed" in that game were INSANELY complex and handled BEAUTIFULLY throughout, BUT specially in the third one…. damn… I am just jealous that I wasn't part of that creative team! :)

BRAVO Bioware, you made (and I don't use this word often) a MASTER PIECE of modern story telling!!!

p.s. I'm pretty damn curious to see what Bioware does to the 'ending DLC' they're working on ... I for one, really respect their creative decision to keep the ending the same, but I do hope they give us a bit more details on what happened to all the other characters we came to care for.

let us now discuss! :)
I have watched Game of Thrones (the season) about ten times now... Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire ... what else.... well, a ton more, BUT I need some suggestions on good shows that serve as 'background noise'.... I'm tired of all my music and I need some 'non-visually-distracting' entertainment.

.......suggestions??? ... and preferably stuff that is better to 'listen to'... otherwise I end up watching the damn thing! heheheh

aaaand thank you very much! :)
... a bit late, BUT it's still the first half of January, so it still counts!!! :)

I wish Y'alls a pretty damn cool New Year, and may it bring with it all kinds of awesomeness!!!


... with time being limited AND so MANY friggin' awesome games coming out this season, what the hell should I play??? I still have to play: Gears of War3, Skyrim, Uncharted3, Rage, LA Noir, pretty sure I'm forgetting something else, AAAAND Mass Effect 3 is on the Horizon... WHAT TO PLAY with limited time??????? ... so, let's say you only had a month to play games before getting back to the grind, what to play???

... aaaand I didn't include Arkham 2 'cause I am DONE with that bastard!!! :)
I remember when we were knee-deep designing the DCO MMO, Oliver Nome (friend and fellow Deviant) would often tell me that my designs looked like toys... hehehe, there were times when I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or an insult! ...BUT then I got to thinking and realized that my own 'barometer' for cool looking tech and design REALLY does boil down to a deep deep love of toys and action figures..... If I am designing a vehicle, I am consciously or subconsciously asking myself "would this be a cool toy? would I buy it? (and of course if you want to get technical, that just boils down to "does this have an interesting silhouette and details", BUT it sounds too damn boring that way!!!! :) )

THEN it got me to thinking about the perpetually shrinking toy isle at places like Target, or any other 'big store', and I started to get REALLY REALLY bummed out..... how many of you Youngsters who grew up with incredible looking video-games still make a trip to a toy store? or even the toy-isle? I still remember going to a friend's house and playing Atari, or saving all summer to buy a Nintendo and seeing DuckHunt for the first time etc etc....  BUT the graphics were so crappy that one had to use the imagination to give Zelda's Link a head of sorts, or the two guys in Contra an actual cool gun, instead of three pixels! ..... but NOW, looking at the difference between PS1 games vs. PS3, the improvement is INSANE!!!!

But what I started to wander is this: When I think about how I used to play with say: a G.I. Joe when I was a kid, I had to imagine EVERYTHING in my 'mind's -eye' except for the toy, the environment the toy was in, the 'camera' movements, the sounds it made, what it's 'gun-blasts' looked like and sounded like.... most of the 'fun' was taking place in the imagination and I was taking it for granted, it's wasn't a choice, the brain just took over and it created this 'pocket reality' in an instant  .... so my question is this: is having an amazing game, with all it's environments and characters and sound so beautifully realized hurt our 'long term' imagination when it's all said and done???

Is the shrinking toy-isle a sign of anything? Is growing up without 'physical' toys detrimental? or am I just over thinking it? OR, will this simply join the eternal arguments like: "what's better? a book or a movie?" :)
... now the question is, to go buy it, or wait for my comps??? decisions decisions....
it's midnight, you still gotta burn the midnight-oil, BUT you start to get hungry.... from all the 24 hour fast food joints, which one do you go to???
hey Y'alls, apologies for being a M.I.A. these last few weeks, between San Diego ComicCon and the last deadline for Arkham City things were HEEEECTIC, but I am done now, so I can breath a little easier :) ..... sadly though, just as I finished my deadlines, it started to really dawn on me that Wildstorm is closing it's doors, this week being the last..... I will really really miss this place.

For all the flak the 'Image-days' get, the comic book industry wouldn't be where it is without it, the good, and the bad, BUT artistically speaking, it was Image that really pushed the boundaries in the 90's, not only with the black and white work that the founders were doing, but also with the push of digital coloring as an industry standard, among many other things.

Wildstorm was the studio that both nurtured and gave 'birth' to so much of the talent that now graces the pages of the top books on both DC and Marvel.... Jim lee, Whilce Portaccio, Travis Charest, Jeff Campbell, Aaron Wiesendfeld, Joe Chiodo, Richard Bennett, Scott Williams, Lee Bermejo, Rich Friend, Sandra Hope, Ale Garza, Alex Garner, Dan Norton, Michael Lopez and the list goes on.... even 'stints' by amazing artist like Adam Hughes and Tom Raney who where at one point among it's residents...... so much talent, so damn varied (not something the other Image-studios could really claim to, since Wildstorm never really had a 'house-style)... ever since my first days, I remember loving this place because it thrived on variety of styles, and not just everyone trying to draw like Jim.... and everybody else, editorial, production.... Ted Adams, Chris Oprisko, John Nee...  all amazing people who went on to start companies like IDW and others..... AND all the amazing colorist that changed the game PERMANENTLY, like Jeremy Cox, Laura Depuy, Guy Major, Tad Elrich, Mat Mia, Joel Benjamin, Tony Washington AND so damn many amazingly talented colorist that now grace the pages of the top books across the industry .....

To Jim: thank you so much for opening the studio's door to so many 'hopeful artist', and to all the amazing people in there who made it a second-home for many many years.

Wildstorm, you will be missed.

Carlos D'
.... when you need a nice, steady background sound... kinda like 'zen' drawing music'? ...mine... Social Network soundtrack is good.. so are most of Trent's more mellow/ambient songs.... and you can never go wrong with Mozart's Requiem mass... early Morcheeba (Beats and B-Sides specially), Radiohead's OK Computer (never gets old), and probably my favorite, "Endtroducing" by Dj Shadow.

.... when needing to feel AAAAAGRO (action scenes, or you just need to wake the hell up and coffee aint helpin' !!! :) ... mine? again, NIN never disappoints.. TOOL of course... Mastodon, HELMET, Tomahawk, SOAD, and some Maiden for good measure!

.... and lately, when I just need some good ol' Rockin, I can't seem to get enough of the Black Keys and Dan Auerbachs' album... damn those are some tasty grooves!!!

what r' yours?
... can somebody explain to me this recent (kinda'sorta') madness over cupcakes lately? AND the insane 'crackhead' lines outside these fine establishments?!? .... I don't get it and I feel left out! >:(
I just heard this morning from a friend that Clemente Suave' has just passed from health complications, he was only 33..... not only was Clemente an insanely talented Man, but a super super nice guy.  From one fellow Tech-head to another, you will be sorely missed Dude. The world has lost an amazing artist, and an awesome Human being.

Wish you all the coolest, bestest, umhhhh, fullest Holiday Season, and may the New Year bring you all kindsa' awesome stuff!

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  • Reading: ...a book on storytelling.
  • Watching: Breaking Bad.... damn you Walt!!!!
  • Playing: Fallout: Las Vegas... great game, BUGGY as hell!!!
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Hi Y'alls, thank you so very much to those of you who've been kind enough to continue to check my stuff out! I apologize for not having posted in a while, but some deadlines (and my complete inability to multitask!) had me neglecting Deviant for a number of weeks, but the killer deadlines are over (for now at least) so might as well post some stuff while time allows!

thanks y'alls!

  • Listening to: lots and lots of 'UNKLE', specially "War Stor
  • Reading: ...a book on storytelling.
  • Watching: Breaking Bad.... damn you Walt!!!!
  • Playing: Fallout: Las Vegas... great game, BUGGY as hell!!!
  • Eating: 'al pastor' tacos!
  • Drinking: Wild Turkey's "American Honey"... evil!!
whatchu' think? I think the documentary is a GREAT statement on what is art and what is not and it leaves the doors wide open for interpretation, so anyone who's seen it out there, curious to see what you thought! :)

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  • Drinking: trying to drink more water.... DAMN getting old!!!
.... hope you and all your loved ones have an awesome New Year; full of good health, awesome art, good food and good music.


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I always like to ask this question: what kinda music do you listen to while you draw? during the endless hours we spend in front of the drawing board, or the monitor, what tunes keep you company, or set the mood to whatever it is that you're workin' on and trying to exorcise from your head?
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  • Drinking: water.... booooring!
I have finished all the expansion packs for Fallout 3, and after spending more time than I care to confess to my editors playing this thing, my life now has no purpose!!! heheh... just kidding.... I gotta say though, I have spent too many damn hours in that 'world', that now that I am all done, I am really really gonna miss it... anybody out there playing it? or done with it?

... in my opinion, probably the best game I've ever played!... now I'm gonna go to the corner and cry!!! ..scuse me...

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... waddup Y'alls, yours truly and most of the Wildstorm crew will be at the Long Beach show this weekend, so if you're in the neighborhood, maybe we can see ya' there! :)

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  • Drinking: iced coffe... weather is too damn hot!!!